Over anonymous petition alleging underworld involvement: Prisoners’ rights group secy summoned to CID

Committee for Protecting the Rights of Prisoners General Secretary, Sudesh Nandimal Silva was yesterday (21) summoned to the Criminal Investigation Department to record a statement in connection with an anonymous petition alleging of the former’s involvement with the underworld.  

The statement was recorded for over five hours.

Committee Chairman, Attorney-At-Law Senaka Perera, speaking to Ceylon Today informed that the petition had alleged that Silva is an associate of underworld kingpin Makandure Madush who is presently detained by the authorities for questioning over several crimes. Silva who is an eyewitness to the Welikada Prison massacre of November 2012 is presently employed at the Railways Department. Silva is scheduled to testify in this regard at the ongoing judicial proceedings at the Permanent Special High Court Trial-At-Bar in Colombo.

“It is true that when Silva was a prisoner at Welikada, he knew Madush in his capacity as a fellow prisoner. That is the only connection,” Perera observed, claiming that this was yet another move to intimidate Silva into silence over the Welikada incident. Perera is a lawyer appearing for the aggrieved party (the families/relatives of the deceased prisoners) in the Welikada case.

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